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In 1991, we opened this Restoration of space, with the firm to serve our customers with the quality of seafood and fresh fish from our coast.
So we did and so we create a clientele, including Fátima Lopes, Augustos, Madre de Deus, Durão Barroso, Aguiar Branco, Vitorino de Almeida, António Costa, Manuel de Oliveira, among other clients.

Decorated room with wooden beams, iron lamps, hand-crafted tiles and panels, depicting the four seasons.

Solar do Pescado, as the name implies, these are the seafood and fish in our menu:

Grilled fish:
Turbot, sole, seabream, Golden, Sargo, sea bass and sea bream.

Seabass, seabream, Gold and Pargo
Cod in cataplana or grilled

In season:
Lamprey and Shad River Minho

We have some excellent Clams

 Barrosã, Boar Loin, Roasted lamb and sirloin steaks.

Menu for groups, with prices on request.

Recommended by several national and international guides




Arménio Fernandes and Rosa Fernandes